Feature: Zelda’s Top 5 Bosses

A look back at some of the toughest and most memorable boss battles from one of the greatest series in gaming history, The Legend of  Zelda.

Whilst listening to my iPod on shuffle last week, I was suddenly surprised to hear ‘Ganondorf Battle’ from my Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time soundtrack. I was instantly filled with nostalgia and taken back to one of the most epic battles in my gaming career. It got me thinking about some of the other top battles throughout the series, and here’s my top five:


5. Dead Hand from Ocarina of Time

Not strictly a boss, but I think you’ll all agree this thing is freakin’ terrifying the first time you clap eyes on it! The Dead Hand has mysterious origins and resides in the Shadow Temple beneath Kakariko Village, guarding the precious Lens of Truth *cue ominous music* It resembles a slug-like zombie and uses it six arms to grab Link before emerging to consume Link, heart by heart, with its enormous gaping mouth.

Not that tricky to dispatch, once you’ve got a fresh pair of underwear and someone friendly on hand to remind you that it’s just a game.


4. Twilit Fossil: Stallord from Twilight Princess

The first time you encounter Stallord it’s a lifeless pile of bones in the fourth temple, but it’s fairly obvious that this thing will soon be troubling you as the temple’s boss. That hunch soon becomes a reality as Zant reanimates the fossil and promptly disappears, leaving our hero to deal with the fallout.

This one’s fairly tricky to defeat, but once you have the technique and rhythm, the Stallord will fall. Just go for the spine!


3. Dark Link from Ocarina of Time

No one is really sure where Dark Link comes from, but one thing is certain, his intentions are bad. He’s a mirror image of Link, has the same moves and is a royal pain in the Dekus! Link’s evil twin counters or blocks most of your attacks; he does back-flips and occasionally disappears into the water, reappearing to stab you in the back. On top of that, the Master Sword pretty redundant against him, so the player has to utilise a combination of Megaton Hammer and Deku Nuts to stun him.

Unless of course you took the time to unlock the Biggoron Sword. With that fine example of Goron steel in your hand you can make short work of the doppelganger and be home in time for Navi’s Skulltula Stew.


2. Majora’s Incarnation from Majora’s Mask

This is the penultimate  Boss and for me, it was one of the most taxing in the series. Not only does Majora rapidly dance around constantly but it also assaults your eardrums by clucking and gibbering throughout the battle, emitting a high pitched shriek each time you hit it. A feast for all the senses then!

Once Majora stops moving to do a moonwalk (or some interpretive dance) you get a small window to strike. Make it quick and you can limit the amount of time you spend looking for the mute button on your TV.

1. Ganon from Ocarina of Time

After you have defeated Ganondorf, saved the princess and are beginning to think that all is right with the world, everything goes pear-shaped. Ganondof emerges from the rubble of the recently destroyed Hyrule Castle and uses the Triforce to transform himself into his beast form, Ganon.

A tricky battle as Ganon’s only weak spot is his well guarded tail and he is able to deliver some pretty devastating attacks. He also confiscates the Master Sword at the beginning of the encounter. However, once you have damaged him a few times, the barrier weakens and you are able to grab the sword and deliver the killing blow. Then it’s all ‘happy ever after’, followed by that empty feeling that comes from knowing you’ve just finished one of the best games in the world, ever.

Have I missed anything? Let us know your thoughts on these bosses and some of your most memorable moments throughout the series.

Author: James Sterling

Associate Editor (Game) for PopBucket, avid gamer and educating folks about the Wilhelm Scream since '98. Show him some word-love.

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  • 8ufuhf

    btw with ganon,got the biggoron’s sword by chance? :)

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