Xbox launches The Ultimate Collection

Staring today, Xbox Live is giving gamers the opportunity to get some of the most popular titles in it’s Xbox Live Arcade Ultimate Collection. This eight week program will include 30 Xbox Live Arcade titles in a range of genres, and allows gamers to interact on a larger scale in some classic games. Of course, there will be a leaderboard keeping track of scores world wide, and the chance to vote for what you would like to see as more games are introduced along the way. This makes the whole collection concept something the fans have more say over, and ultimately means Xbox Live will give the voters what they want.

I myself have never been a massive fan of online gaming with Xbox Live for the pure fact that a lot of the players seemed to know a great deal about my mother and her preferences regarding intercourse. With that in mind, I could turn off the headset, ignore the inane commentary on the gameplay and get into some real, old school, retro gameplay. The concept sits well with me, and depending on the titles they release and the cost of the collections, I may well buy into it.

Another nice touch is the way they have presented the idea. The trailer they have released gives the impression of an epic battle to end all battles, as if each game is a gladiator in the colosseum, spilling blood for our approval, fighting to the death until we are left with one victorious game. I highly recommend you check out the trailer, and head over to the website to see ‘The Island'; where all the games are laid out, ready for your judgement.

Author: Daniel Langridge

Dan is a graduate in Recorded Media, with a passion for all things nerdy! He enjoys creative writing, fine dining, and walking his dog Chewbacca. He lives in Bristol with his ladyfriend "Picard over Kirk, Yoda over Vader, Death over Twilight"

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