Vikings go on an epic quest in Hammer of the Gods

Vikings , Hammer of the Gods


Hammer of the Gods is the newest action adventure from director Farren Blackburn (Luther, Doctor Who, The Fades) and stars Charlie Bewley (Twilight Saga, The Vampire Diaries) and Ames Cosmo (Game of Thrones).

Set in Viking Britain the film sees Steinar, a young Viking warrior sent on quest to find his estranged brother, who was banished from their father’s kingdom years ago. What follows is an epic, action-packed journey for Steinar and his most trusted friends across hostile territory, which gradually sees Steinar emerges as the ruthless successor to the throne his father wants him to be.

 Hammer of the Gods is out on DVD and Blu-ray from 2 September.

Author: Katherine Sankey

A freelance writer and random blogger. She is a Whovian and Game of Thrones fan, who wants to write science-fiction for television.

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