Vajra Promotes ‘Pleroma’ LP

Vajra released their album Pleroma last year and continue to promote the LP as they look to make 2013 their breakthrough year. Vajra is the brainchild of Annamaria Pinna. Based out of New York, Annamaria is the daughter of a former monk and school teacher. She has spent extensive time in India and brings her various influences into her music. Annamaria is something of a curiosity neurologically too, she is a person who experiences synesthesia. Having synesthesia means that she attaches colours and shapes to sound. Mozart, Jimi Hendrix and Edvard Munch all had synesthesia, that is, it often occurs in creative individuals.

Blake Fleming, formally of the The Mars Volta, plays drums on Pleroma and the former Tool producer Sylvia Massy helped to create the record. In short, there is an eclectic mix of influences and styles in Pleroma that makes it hard to define. Some would call the album prog-rock, others would say it is East Indian experimental music. Regardless, it is a novel experience. Vajra has just released a new video for the track Inside The Flame to promote the album. Check it out below:

Plemora is available now for download on iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp.

Author: Jordan Devine

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