Underwater tower defence Fish vs. Crabs due for release this September

fish vs crabs screenshot

Swift Creek Games are adding a twist to the traditional tower defence genre – this time it’s underwater, in Fish vs. Crabs.

Defend your fish eggs against attack from shrimps, lobsters and crabs and safely return them to your reef. You have the option to add over 100 different objects including treasure chests, anemones, sponges and corals to your ultra-customisable reef.

As well as the main gameplay, there are several mini-games including hidden-object games in which you use found objects to complete a multitude of tasks including opening a treasure chest or raising a pirate flag, which unlocks bonus items to customise your reef.

Also highly social, you can hide gifts in your friend’s reef, and even send them messages in bottles.

Swift Creek Games have a pretty good reputation for continually updating their games after release, so there’s plenty more to come, with fish behaviour and other updates promised.

The visually stunning Fish vs. Crabs is just out of Beta, and is due for release at the end of September on just about every platform imaginable: browser-based, iOS devices, PC, Facebook, Google Play, OUYA, Game Stick, Nook and Blackberry.

Author: Emily Griffith

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