UK trailer for The Bling Ring

Based on real-life events, The Bling Ring is the newest film from Oscar winning writer and director Sofia Coppola, starring Emma Watson and Leslie Mann.

In fame-obsessed  Los Angles, a group of  teenagers fixated on the glamorous life began a disturbing crime-spree in the Hollywood hills. Tracking their  targets online, the group stole more than a 3 million in luxury goods from the homes of celebrities,  including Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom – becoming known as The Bling Ring by the media.

This film takes us inside the world of these teens, and through the members of The Bling Ring, introduces us to temptations any teenager would find hard to resist. But what starts out as youthful fun spins out of control – revealing a sobering view of our modern culture.

The Bling Ring is out on 5 July. 

Author: Katherine Sankey

A freelance writer and random blogger. She is a Whovian and Game of Thrones fan, who wants to write science-fiction for television.

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