Ubisoft Reveal Splinter Cell Blacklist ‘Abilities’ Trailer

Espionage has always been the beating stealthy heart of the Splinter Cell series, games that take the action-packed world of Tom Clancy’s finest and convert them into dark and gritty sneak-’em-ups.

The latest title in the franchise is destined to be Splinter Cell Blacklist, and Ubisoft has seen fit to reveal a new trailer in which Fisher gears up to take down a new threat plotting against the United States. Check it out below:

There’s plenty of shady locations and the expected corridor creeping, alongside the repository of gadgets and general penchant for quiet, efficient violence Sam Fisher is known for. Having said that, the trailer also features a few thrillingly explosive escapes too.

Blacklist hits stores on August 23rd in the UK, and as is par for the course for any big game release also has special edition content as shown at the end of the video. We’ll be interested to see how Sam’s latest mission stacks up against previous instalments in the series, but the game’s certainly looking intriguing so far.

Author: Tony White

Narcissistic manchild Tony is known for his penchant for red and black, and was the accidental but grateful namesake of a sandwich in a Norwich coffee shop. He appreciates any media that doesn’t take itself too seriously. He doodles, does a weird webcomic and self-publishes comedy novels despite popular demand.

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