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The Only Way Is Essex logoAnother day, another dollar. For most that means getting up early, working hard all day and feeling resentfully over worked and under paid! For the cast of TOWIE it means being filmed drinking, partying, socializing, bitching, fighting and making use of some pretty iconic catch phrases like “shut uuuup”, “100 per cent” and the classic “no carbs before Marbs”. Jel? Who? Me? No I’m not actually, and why? Because I LOVE this show!

TOWIE has been criticized heavily in the media for being trash TV, full of untalented, uneducated people who are having their moment in the spot light and offering little whilst making more than just a buck! I believe the show does exactly what it says on the tin – its entertainment which is not meant to be taken seriously; so critics – lighten up! The show promises nothing other than insight into the “real” lives of some localEssexfolk and it never fails to deliver in terms of controversy, entertainment and laughs. If your perception of intellect is that you can never indulge in a bit of trash TV then more fool you – you’re missing out, give it a go! You know you want to…

As TOWIE is now spanning three whole series including an Xmas special I will provide (below) summaries of it’s stars and make reference to specific episodes. As series 3 continues I will keep you all posted with my views on the latest happenings in Essex town. Enjoy, my little Popbuckletts!

Mark Wright

Two words: hot stuff. Mark is by far the shows leading man; he is the Romeo to all ofEssex’s local Juliette’s and certainly the Leo to all prospective Kate Winslets. Annoyingly arrogant (but just about good looking enough to pull that off as “cute”) Mark is best friend to Arg and on-off lover/partner/buddy/fiancé to Lauren Goodger with whom he has had such a relationship with since the pair were 14. Mark is the boy about town, always keen to get stuck in to local goings on whether it be boxing fights (successfully beating Kirk Norcross in series 1), parties, engagements, work-outs at the gym – Mark is sure to be the centre of everything in the show whether it be, there are usually no more than 2 degrees of separation from this loveable rogue!

Mark made his first appearance in the opening minutes of series 1 and we immediately became fascinated with his and Lauren Goodger’s relationship. The pair had recently split (something that was to become a regular occurrence) and Mark was weighing up whether to attend Lauren’s birthday. In truth, he had every intention of going from the off but making Lauren happy without her working for it? InEssex? No chance. A love triangle (…soon to become hexagon) was shortly unravelled with Sam Faiers thrown into the mix plummeting viewers straight into the drama of a full on Essex bitch fight!

Mark is hot property – fiercely loyal to his friends and family yet highly manipulative, arrogant and self centred; he has more than enough intelligence, charm, beauty and humour to remain at the top of Essex royalty.

James “Arg” Argent

The cheese to Mark’s onion, the Ben to his Jerry – Arg is the sort of boy who any girl would be happy taking home to their mum (or maybe notLydia?!) as he manages to come across as the least “Essex” of them all and retain the “innocent factor” throughout. Madly in love with long term girlfriend Lydia, one can’t help feel that Arg’s life plan is based more on those around him rather than on his own personal goals. With #marg trending worldwide on Twitter, it is fair to say that Arg’s friendship with Mark Wright is fundamental to his being on the show. The pair together are (without exaggeration) hilarious and I quote (following a discussion with Mark regarding an insult directed at the pair from a previous argument): “I can’t believe he called us dumb and dumber, I’ve got 8 GCSE’s!” Classic!

Arg first appears in the opening minutes of series 1 along with best bud Mark having recently split with Lydia following some naughty behaviour (by him) on a recent trip to Marbs. It soon becomes clear that his sole motivation is to win back the heart of his long term love which is only highlighted further after a failed attempt at speed dating.

Arg’s weight becomes a centre point of the show particularly in series 2 and 3 as having gained in excess of 4 stone since the start, Arg battles (with seemingly little success) to regain a hot bod in order to continue satisfying and reaping the affections of the glamorous (skinny) Lydia.

Lauren Goodger

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LydiaRose Bright

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Joey Essex

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Kirk Norcross

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Gemma Collins

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Sam Faiers

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Billie Faiers

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Lucy Mecklenburgh

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Author: Sophie Newton

Sophie prides herself on being “a normal, down to earth girl” but of course with a massive edge! Educated to degree level in English and Drama and with a passion for all things soap, reality TV and film related, Sophie can guarantee honest, informative reviews with a twist interjecting humour and (at times) brutal opinions on all the latest TV shows.

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