Top 6: Skyrim Fan Songs

There are endless songs, covers and parodies inspired by Bethesda’s latest epic RPG. We’ve trawled the internet to bring together some of our favourites from the past year. 

Warning: Arrow in the Knee references ahead. Expect a heady mix of silliness, as well as a couple of songs that will undoubtedly blow you away. Welcome to our Top 6: Skyrim Fan Songs:

1. Skyrim – Harry Partridge

This one surfaced after the first Skyrim trailer was released. It did an outstanding job of capturing the excitement that we were all feeling with the prospect of a new Elder Scrolls game on the horizon.


2. Skyrim in the Knee – TF2Silencer

Skyrim’s most popular (if not a little over-played) meme has taught us all a valuable lesson – If you want to continue being an adventurer, wear knee pads! Cue dubstep.


3. Skyrim – Peter Hollens & Lindsey Stirling

This version of the Skyrim theme was created by just two people and one violin. It’s a fantastic rendition of the main theme and some of the scenery in the video is breath-taking.


4. Skyrim Gangster Rap (Explicit) – Gets Played

A lyrical tribute to the original gangster, Dovahkiin, representing for the Sovngarde homies. The language is a bit fruity in places, you have been warned.


5. Legends of the Frost – Miracle of Sound ft. Malukah

Miracle of Sound is well known for his musical contribution to the gaming community. This is by far my favourite song of his though. 100% original, 100% awesome.


6. Bard’s Rap – Dan Bull

I cant stop playing this one right now. The lyrics are really well written and the rap has a great rhythm. Seriously considering the life of a Bard. Anyone got a loot I can borrow?

We hope you enjoyed our Top 6: Skyrim Fan Songs. If you have a favourite that’s not up there, we’d be interested to hear about it. We may even credit you if we use it for a future feature.

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