5 Predictions for the Return of The Walking Dead

Friday 15th February The Walking Dead season 3 continues on FOX. Here’s some of our predictions for the remainder of the season.

When we left Rick and the guys at the end of season 3 episode 8, Merle and Daryl were left in a ring to fight to the death thanks to the workings of our good friend The Governor. With the remaining half of the season left to come we’re going to make some predictions as to what could happen from here.

Ricks Sanity

We have already seen Rick taking a turn for the worse with the death of Lori at the start of season 3. Talking on the phone to fallen members of their group, our prediction is that this is going to get worse before it gets better.

The Merle Conundrum

Knowing that Merle and Daryl have been reunited, it doesn’t seem likely they will part again. After Merle had shown what a danger he could be, it’s unlikely the group will want him to head back to the prison with them. It’s possible Rick will give Daryl the ultimatum of being with the group at the prison or his brother. Daryl having a conscious unlike his brother Merle may well decide to leave the group, no doubt already feeling guilty for leaving his brother the first time round. However, I don’t think this is the last we’re going to see of Daryl Dixon.

Breaking Out of A Prison

Compared to the comic book and the Telltale game of the same name, the location chain of events hasn’t gone in the same path. Perhaps they’re just mixing it up a little. The Governor will end up driving them out of the prison, my prediction is it will happen just before the end of the season. In typical Walking Dead fashion, the finale of season 3 will be the group stumbling upon a new haven. Could the next location the group take on be the motel from the video game?

First A Leg, How About an Arm Next

We have already seen the brutal force of Hershel having his leg chopped off after getting bitten. Is it possible someone’s arm is next? How about Rick, he’s got some good arms on him. Like in the Telltale game Lee had his arm cut off, and in the comic Rick’s hand got severed. It’s something of a possibility for this season.

Old Friends

In season 1, we watched Rick emerge from a coma, stumble out of the hospital and find some other survivors Morgan and his son Duane. He ever so kindly gave them his police vehicle so they could reach a refugee camp in Atlanta. Remember them? Maybe Morgan and Duane have survived and find the group somehow. Although this one may be a long shot for the remaining episodes of this season, maybe this is one for season four?

Only time will tell what will happen before the end of season 3. We have hope that whatever it is, it’s going to be good. What do you think will happen? Let us know below!

The Walking Dead returns to our screens on Friday 15th February at 10pm on FOX.

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Author: Zara Waqar

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  • Charlie Murray


    Something tells me you’ve already watched episode 9 to be honest with you…


    And I can’t see the Motel from the game making an appearance. It wouldn’t be much of a shock location since most walking dead fans have followed the comic book and not the game. Morgan and Duane are due to return, though we don’t know if Duane will be human or zombie.

    • Zara

      Hey Charlie,
      The only reason I mention the motel is because I vaguely remember the updated credits showing another location besides the prison – but my memory is slightly blurry from reading the comic, playing the game AND watching the show all together. I wouldn’t reccommend doing all three at once! lol. I would’t say it would be a shock location, definitely agree with you on that – but obviously the structure between comic to tv series is jumbled up (for example Tyrese only being introduced on the show recently, when he’s been around a while in the comic at the prison stage), we may not even see the motel!

      We are bound to see Morgan and Duane at some point surely, they left that all so open (like when Merle escaped the roof top in S1) it’d be surprising if they didn’t put them back in at some point. :)

      • Charlie Murray


        Well just be glad to know they are coming back. Rick will begin searching for them in ep 10 😀

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