The Raven chapter 1 out July 23rd

Today Nordic games have announced the release of their forth coming game The Raven.

The Raven is a point and click adventure in the style of an Agatha Christie mystery and will have the players solving the mystery of the enigmatic thief the Raven.

The game is divided in to three chapters, the first being the  The Eye Of The Sphinx which will be available to download from 23 July.

Alongside the announcement was released an in game trailer with commentary from the games executive producer.

In the trailer a few of the games elements are described and explained, including the change of narrative perspective mid way through the game.

The games next chapters are scheduled for release for the 27 August and 24 September for each one.

The Raven available for pre-order now and will be available on Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac.


Author: Robert Edwards

Professional Geek with a PhD in Gaming, a masters in comic books from the university of Awesome. Please note; these are not real qualifications and the author is embellishing for the sake of it, in all likely hood he is a moron with access to the internet and a thesaurus.

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