The man who owes his fame to Instagram

Celebrities come in all shapes and sizes, but few are as ‘larger than life’ than Dan Bilzerian – the poker-playing playboy who now has over 6 million Instagram followers. And – when you take a look at some of Dan’s posts on Instagram – it’s not at all difficult to understand why he’s got such a following.

Dan’s pictures don’t show us anything to do with hum-drum routine of life stuff; for most people (and especially for the heterosexual males among us) the photos of his decadent lifestyle are the kind of things we can only dream about. Check out the fun Bilzerian pictures here on gaming website bgo’s blog. We see Dan surrounded by beautiful girls, playing with his range of boy’s toys – private jets, yachts, motorbikes and oversized jeeps, often in amazing locations.

The luxurious aspects of Bilzerian’s lifestyle must be what drew bgo to ask him to co-star in the bingo and casino gaming site’s latest TV ad. In it, Dan turns up at the bgo casino in a huge Brabus B36S-700 6×6 with an entourage in tow – including an adoring girl and a huge gorilla named George. He’s there to play The Boss – Verne Troyer – bgo’s ambassador and famous face who challenges players on the website to ‘beat the Boss’ with a series of different gaming challenges. In the ad, The Boss is furious that Bilzerian has arrived to play him, and even more so when Bilzerian wins a game of blackjack that The Boss deals him. It ends with Bilzerian leaving the casino with his winnings and The Boss challenging viewers to ‘come and beat me!’.

Why is it, then, that we all love to see what Bilzerian is up to on Instagram? Won’t looking at everything he has and we don’t just lead to feelings of envy? No, it’s the enormous scale of his over-the-top lifestyle that makes us enjoy dipping in and taking a look. This isn’t something that’s within reach for most of the people who follow him on Instagram. It’s so far out of reach, in fact, that it moves away from aspirational to just being plain fantasy. And we all need a little fantasy in our day now and then.

Looking slightly up the ladder in terms of spending and lifestyle is far less interesting. Things that may one day be affordable but for now are out of reach aren’t as tantalizing as those that are just so far removed from our possibilities.

Of course, bgo and other sites also encourage us to think big. If we had an amazing run of luck, we could turn our bets into amazing cash prizes. But that’s probably not the best way to play the games at online gaming sites. It’s better to remember that a win is never guaranteed, and you’re as likely to lose as you are to win, so to never bet more than you can afford to live without. That way, you keep online gaming in the fun zone and while you’re playing you can enjoy fantasising about becoming a Bilzerian, even though you know the chances of that ever happening are very, very unlikely!

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