The Ladybug Children launch

the ladybug children screenshot difference games

Casual games developer and publisher Difference Games have announced the release of their latest hidden object title, The Ladybug Children.

The aim of the game is much like many other hidden object titles – the player must find objects in the environment by using images, silhouettes or words as clues.

Featuring 15 levels, the title is suitable for all ages, has a friendly narration of an original story by critically acclaimed author Catriona Crehan (The Color Keepers) and bright and cheerful scenes by artist Phatpuppy.

The Ladybug Children includes multiple difficulty modes including Normal mode which has limited time, limited hints and bonuses, Nice and Casual mode which offers unlimited time, unlimited hints but no bonus rounds and Challenge mode which has missing letters and rotated objects and double-score bonuses, making it suitable for the more experienced player.

The Ladybug Children is available with a 50% launch discount for a limited time only, so head over to the NOOK, Google Play and Amazon app stores to grab your download.

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