Review: The Devil Inside

The Devil Inside, is there really a Devil inside? Or just the one on the outside making you watch this horror film? Find out here.

The Devil Inside is a horror story set in Italy of a woman who becomes involved in a series of unauthorised exorcisms during her quest to find answers of what happened to her mother who allegedly killed three people during her own exorcism.

Sounds creepy doesn’t it? What would you do if at the age of 25 you found out your mother got shipped to a mental institution in Italy after she killed three people? Surely you wouldn’t be impressed. Neither was Isabella Rossi when she found out this information. She decided to travel over to Italy to the institute her mother was still being held in to find out what really happened that day. Isabella’s not an idiot though, she did her research. The film is shot in a mocumentary style, taking a camera man to film every moment of this experience. From arriving to Italy to witnessing her first exorcism.

After seeing the chilling trailer before hand there was brief speculation this could be great. Boasting connections to Paranormal Activity it couldn’t hurt to take a look. Boy how quickly that passed. Pretty much all the good parts of the film were in the trailer (Don’t you hate that?). I personally feel sorry for the poor nun that was caught on the bridge eyeing up Isabella, poor woman had a serious case of cataracts and was just going about her daily business and she gets turned into an evil presence.

The movie was more funny then scary. There were some laugh out loud moments at some of the things the ‘Devil Inside’ said, it just seemed like a version of Tourettes that had been documented. That’s definitely something to watch out for. You never know when you’re on holiday and someone’s filming you having an outburst about how your irritated about the itchy mosquito bites you have had to endure.

There were an unexpected scene where David (a Priest Isabella had met at an exorcism lesson… yes apparently this is a real thing that was offered at a Vatican backed college in Italy) became possessed and managed to obtain a gun. This scene was possibly the best scene in the film, although it portrayed the Italian Police to be cowardly – which i cant imagine they were pleased about, it also was the most graphic which meant the end for poor David. All he wanted was to munch a sandwich in the dark.

This film was pretty much an abomination, it wasn’t scary. And just when you thought something scary was going to happen – it turned out to be a complete let down. The Devil Inside never really seemed to reach its peak, continually lulling just underneath. If that wasn’t bad enough, it seemed that William Brent Bell and Matthew Peterman (the writers) got bored writing and just killed everyone off. If only they had done that 80 minutes earlier there wouldn’t have been so much disappointment.

PopBucket Review Score 2

The Devil Inside is out at cinemas now.

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