Sony E3 Briefing 2013: Our Best Bits

The world was holding its breath at 2am this morning as the Sony event kicked off at E3. Finally, some concrete information about what Sony has planned for the PlayStation 4. Sony took on Microsoft which resulted in the biggest cheers of the first day of 2013’s E3 event, but let’s take a look at what they were boasting.

We learned the PlayStation 4 will be going on sale before the year is through at the price point of £349, £80 cheaper than it’s Microsoft rival. Sony left Microsoft in the dust by letting the world know there will be no restrictions on the PS4, which includes free use of second hand games and that the console will be region free.

And as a kind reminder to Microsoft, Sony released a short but sweet official video about how the new PlayStation will work in terms of used games. Touche, Sony.

Jack Tretton (CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America) also said that the PS4 will not be required to be online, meaning if you want to play some single player offline, you won’t have to check in online. (Sorry, Xbox One!)



We were given the visuals of the PS4 console after much speculation and seeing the official controller weeks ago. The console has lost it’s curves, and gone for a more box style… well, box!

Sony also casually mentioned how there are already 140 games in development for the PS4. 100 of which will be released in its first year of release, and 40 of those will be exclusive to PlayStation. However, it is yet unknown how many of these games will be ready in time for the release of the console itself.

Although Microsoft had shown a more full blown portfolio of exclusive games earlier in the day, it’s clear the PS4 will dominate in the smaller indie downloadable games.

The Order: 1886

The big guns were then set and ready to fire. Dropping names like Killzone: Shadow Fall, InFamous: Second Son, The Order: 1886, Drive Club, and Knack. Heavily supported by third party developers, such as Ubisoft’s earlier announcements of Watch Dogs and Assassins Creed: Black Flag were once again brought to our attention.

Square Enix also dropped in with Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Annoucing Final Fantasy XV will be headed to the PS4 along with Kingdom Hearts III and MMO Final Fantasy XIV.

mad max

Sony also teased a Mad Max game, not sure if anyone saw that coming, but we were pleasantly surprised. Batman: Arkham Origins also made a rather impressive appearance.

With highs, come lows. One minor detail of needing a PlayStation Plus subscription to play online on the new PlayStation, much like the Xbox Live subscription. It also seems the price point will match Xbox Live Gold subscription for £39.99 for a year, PS+ will also have a 90-day option for £11.99.

We have no doubt that in the up-coming months before the release of the PS4 and Xbox One, there will be a few more scuffles for top dog. Hopefully Microsoft will take a hard look in the mirror with it’s aggressive look at used games, but only time will tell.

Stay tuned for more information and updates as soon as they become available and don’t forget we’ll be doing an E3 Podcast Special, live on Sunday 15th June.

Author: Zara Waqar

Associate Editor (Films) and veteran of PopBucket, gamer girl and resident film guru. She loves anything zombie and laughs roughly 80% of the time.

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  • Anthony Parrett

    how does a company even allow someone with such a biased, uninformed opinion like yours to post something this unintelligent on the internet?

    • MartynNewton

      This is not a critical analysis of Sony’s console, games or policies. This article is merely a sum up of what Zara liked the most from Sony’s E3 conference. She in fact only owns an Xbox 360 (and has done for about seven years) and once owned a PlayStation 2 for three months before that. Your accusation that Zara favours Sony and is biased towards them couldn’t be further from the truth.

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