Sid Meier’s Ace Partol for iOS Set To Send Strategy Skywards

Though best known for PC treats like XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Civilization, 2K Games and Firaxis have also begun to recently turn attention to the lucrative mobile market. The godfather of strategy gaming, Sid Meier, has apparently been working with him crack team of coding wizards to put together Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol, a World War One dogfighting strategy game that takes turn-based combat to the air.

Propeller-planes aplenty seem to be the order of the day in this game, which boasts a cheeky cel-shaded aesthetic and over 120 missions to fly a range of 30 aircraft through.

Sid Meier's Ace Patrol

The word ‘breeeeeow’ springs to mind.

It’s Sid Meier’s Pilots, if you will, with the player having access to a range of Aces to train up for combat, each of whom offer specific benefits to the battle for air supremacy.

Alongside the singleplayer campaign, Ace Patrol also offers two-player ‘Hot Pad’ play and asynchronous multiplayer. We’re curious to see how Mr. Meier’s mastery of turn-based strategy adapts itself to the fast-paced world of aerial combat, but the good news is we need only wait until Thursday 9th May to find out, when the games takes off on iOS.

Author: Tony White

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