Second Trailer Released For ‘I Give It A Year’

A new trailer has been released for Studio Canal’s I Give It A Year. Penned by Dan Mazer – the writer behind such comedy heavyweights as Borat, The Dictator and Ali G in the House, this is his first try at a romantic comedy.

I Give It A Year tells the story of newly weds, played by Rose Byrne and Rafe Spall, as they embark on their first year of marriage. It’s a marriage that no one seems to believe will last, especially when seemingly more suitable partners arrive in the form of Anna Faris (The Dictator) and Simon Baker (The Mentalist).

After seeing this trailer, I really think this one has a lot of potential – there are some great moments that are genuinely funny. Surprisingly for this genre, it seems equally pitched at men and women, although it remains to be seen if couples will want to see it together.

This latest trailer is rated 12A, although if you’ve seen the first trailer you may wonder how it missed out on the same label.

Author: Gareth Nicholas

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