Saints Row IV: The Low Down

Yesterday (Thursday 18th) we were in attendance of the hands-on event by Deep Silver for the one and only Saints Row IV. At the event, we were immersed into the world of Saints Row and were lucky enough to get to have a spin on the game.

As we are all aware, in the fourth installment of the franchise we play as the President of the United States. We also knew we would be playing through an alien invasion. Sceptical of how this would pan out? We were too.

The Saints Row franchise has always been very tongue-in-cheek and you won’t be disappointed to hear that this tone is strong in IV. You are thrust into action as soon as you hit the start button, earning your title of President. Weirdly, in the world of The Saints, an alien invasion doesn’t seem too out of place. They do a good job at taking a new turn on the franchise without steering too far from its original concept.

There are still a huge amount of options in incredible detail that go into creating your character, no doubt that will have you chuckling to yourself. And if that’s not enough to get you laughing, there’s a whole multitude of superpowers and weapons including a Dubstep gun that may tickle you. No, you didn’t misread that. I said, a Dubstep gun!

Saints Row IV Dupstep gun

Further into the game, you’ll get to reap the full benefits of an alien invasion. It has some Crackdown qualities about it, Crackdown with some serious sass! Remember, this is Saints Row! You’ll never be able to be rid of the sass.

Aside from the main campaign, running around the open-world map is just as entertaining. Whether you are trying to race through the city, or trying to destroy it – there’s plenty to keep you going back for more.

The soundtrack is good, the loading times aren’t tedious, flicking through the menus are smooth and the HUB is interesting.

A couple of minor gripes however, as it stands the graphics are good but the characters seem a little scruffy around the edges. There is also some realism in terms of alien corpses sprawled across the floor, which can hinder your players movement. Whether that’s infuriating or not depends on the player, for me personally I found it a tad annoying – especially when trying to kill some more alien tail.

Believe the hype that surrounds Saints Row IV, so far it looks like it’s going to be a very entertaining and life consuming game!

Saints Row IV will be released on 23rd August.

Author: Zara Waqar

Associate Editor (Films) and veteran of PopBucket, gamer girl and resident film guru. She loves anything zombie and laughs roughly 80% of the time.

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