Run Sheldon Exceeds One Million Downloads

With so many games available for free on the Apple App Store, it can be difficult to get new entries noticed. But this was not an issue for BeeSquare, who have had huge success with their new game Run Sheldon! 

The endless runner title has been downloaded more than 1.1 million times in its first ten days in the app store, which is exceptional! I have to say, I understand why it has become so popular so fast; its a beautiful game with pretty graphics and a cute storyline harking back to the tale of the Hare and the Tortoise. Fun can be had by all the family in this simple game, which will be of great use in long family car journeys over the summer.

New updates are coming for more language support very soon, so hopefully the download rate will continue to grow. Grab it now on your IOS device and start running!

Run Sheldon!

Author: Daniel Langridge

Dan is a graduate in Recorded Media, with a passion for all things nerdy! He enjoys creative writing, fine dining, and walking his dog Chewbacca. He lives in Bristol with his ladyfriend "Picard over Kirk, Yoda over Vader, Death over Twilight"

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