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Scott Pilgrim still

It is easy to be cynical about this day. Concocted so that people can sell pretty flowers and restaurants can charge triple the amount for a lamb stew in a heart mould. But here’s the thing, a lot of movies have love stories at their centre and this means there is a love story to suit pretty much anyone.

The All You Can Eat Buffet: Love Actually

Yes a lot of people have a go at this film. And some may say it’s more a Christmas film than a Valentines Day. But this is a great mix of sweet, cute, silly, dramatic and tragic. Seriously if you aren’t moved by Laura Linney’s struggle looking after her brother or Emma Thompson’s heartbroken reaction to how her husband (the late, great Alan Rickman) betrayed her then in my opinion you need to take off your hate googles.

The “All By Myself”: Bridget Jones’s Diary

I love Bridget Jones because even as a guy you can identify her. Who hasn’t felt they are stumbling through life at some point? Also it is worth it for the fight with Hugh Grant and Colin Firth alone.

The Alternative: Scott Pilgrim v The World

Some people love this film, others hate it. But for me the mixture of retro effects, rock music and quirkiness is highly pleasing, ideal for someone who will share a Coke Zero and some garlic bread with you.

The Power Couples’ Choice: Deadpool, The Incredibles

Forget Fifty Shades if you want an interesting, adventurous couple it has to be Wade and Vanessa. The good thing about Deadpool is if you’re not a comic fan the self-parody and nuttiness should still be fun.

If you want something a bit less violent but still want something with a little bit more punch to it The Incredibles is one of Pixar’s best.

The “Fairytales Are Stupid But I Still Want To Watch One” Choice: Enchanted

Enchanted has just the right mix of silliness and gentle satire. Yes it is making fun of Disney fairytales but Amy Adams is the heart of the story, while James Marsden is great as the confused prince.

The Classic: Casablanca

It’s strange how for a film that breaks all the rules of screenwriting how Casablanca is often quoted in scriptwriting books. But there is a reason for it, this is not just a tale of romance but also about sacrificing that for the greater good. Endlessly quotable, dramatic, funny, great soundtrack, this is one that you should have in your collection.

The Horror Choice: The Shining

Some people like horror films on date night because they can support their easily freaked out partner (for the record that would be me!) There are plenty of options but in terms of the best I would go for The Shining.

So these are my personal choices. You may have your own but if you are planning on having a movie night with your loved one mike up the popcorn, get the drink in and get a couple of these loaded up. Here’s looking at you, kids!

Author: Rob Turner

I love films and I love talking about them, also writer/producer for online comic series Reynard City (

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