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Wonder Woman 2017

As ever I try to keep spoilers to a minimum. That being said plot points will be discussed and if you want to go in totally cold it is best to watch the film first.

Inevitably there was a lot of hype and a lot of pressure for this film. At first people were wary due to the flawed nature of previous DC entries as well as the sad fact that previous female-fronted superhero films have been less than stellar though that had more to do with being poorly conceived spinoffs like Supergirl, Catwoman or Elektra while Tank Girl is more cult curio than superhero blockbuster.

What I enjoy about Wonder Woman is that it feels like its own thing away from the other DC films. There is a distinct look that feels more in keeping with classic era Warner Brothers like Casablanca rather than the typical superhero film.

While Logan was brilliant for its grit, Deadpool for its fourth wall breaking fun and Guardians of the Galaxy for a combination of goofiness and heart where Wonder Woman succeeds is in a balance of mythology and real life history.

World War One isn’t something depicted on screen as much but the complexity of that war is well depicted here and any uncomfortable moments are skilfully addressed in the film itself. At the same time we don’t revel in violence quite as much as in previous DC entries.

Gal Gadot herself as the central character in my view gets it spot on. Yes the fish out of water stuff is a little predictable but thankfully that is kept to a minimum and what we get is more of a Captain America-style idealist from another era at odds with their time and place.

Chris Pine as Steve Trevor is charming and provides a great contrast. He’s not simply world weary, he wants to do the right thing but knows this is not always easy. Lucy Davis as Etta Candy gets a couple of fun comic relief scenes on top whereas Robin Wright as Amazonian warrior Antiope and Connie Nielsen as Queen Hippolyata add gravitas to their moments.

While they have their moments Danny Huston as Lundendorff and Elena Anaya as Dr Maru are at times a little too cartoonish and at odds with the tone but for me personally this is a minor flaw.

Overall this gives me hope for the DC universe. Essentially this film provides a great subtext for the viewer, the glimpse of hope in a world full of darkness. I really hope that the producers take this on board for Justice League and any future films. While we all want action and big sit pieces what will keep people coming back is heart and I thank Patty Jenkins for putting that on screen.

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