Review: The Watch

Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and that socially awkward dude from the IT Crowd are the neighbourhood watch.

After the mysterious murder of one of his employees, Evan Troutwig (Stiller) decides to pull together the willing resources of Glenview and create a Neighbourhood Watch. Although they’re not exactly what he had in mind, the team set to work to crack the biggest thing to happen to their suburban town.

The film begins with introducing us to Evan, a member of Glenview who likes being involved in his community in order to avoid the realities of his home life. We see some brief background on Bob (Vaughn) and his relationship between his daughter, not a huge amount of Franklins (Hill) background and even less on Jamarcus (Richard Ayoade). So it’s safe to say that there isn’t much to relate or connect with in the depth of these characters.

Regardless of depth, there are a series of great scenes. For instance a scene of the neighbourhood watch’s first call, taking a kid down to the police station with some slo-mo strutting along to some rap music. Think of Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in 21 Jump Street arriving in the police station after making their first arrest. Also keep your eyes peeled for a great cameo from the Lonely Island.

Avoade definitely steals the show, bringing his quirky awkwardness and dry humour from the IT Crowd into an American setting.

The Watch plays on the genre of comedy meets sci-fi, these two worlds have been brought together before and been successful – look at Men in Black for example. However it leans more on the side of comedy then sci-fi – this works well with the chemistry of the film. Although there are a few laugh out loud moments, the over all film seems to be missing some punch on occasions. The script shows where Seth Rogan and Evan Goldbergs rewrote over the original by Stern, but that is by all means a good thing.

It’s worth a watch, but don’t expect to have your socks blown off. Your socks will still be in tact.

PopBucket Review Score 5

The Watch is out in UK cinemas now.

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