Review: ‘Verden Er Enkel’ By Honningbarna

Don’t worry music fans, I haven’t gone mad and my keyboard isn’t broken. Honningbarna are a band from Norway and are bucking the trend by performing completely in their native tongue, which may explain why you won’t be seeing them on Eurovision this year.

Honningbarna, which means Honey Children, are a punk rock band from Kristiansand in Norway, a group of fresh-faced teens who are taking the alternative scene by storm after winning competitions in their homeland and releasing a very popular EP. They aren’t pretend punk either, these guys are the real deal bringing every ounce of raw energy to the stage that you might expect from British and American seasoned pros and keeping up with the big boys in every way.

It’s refreshing to hear our friends from abroad performing in their native tongue, there’s too much broken English in the music scene already so respect goes to these guys who follow in the footsteps of German metallers Rammstein and stick to what they know best. The album itself is loud, brash and full of all the things we love about hardcore punk albums, their sound being close to the old school British punk of the ’70s but also bringing in modern elements. Each track is killer with not a second to breathe between songs and the pace being consistently manic, these guys will go very far indeed. Watch out for Honningbarna, the Norwegian Rancid, because they will definitely be owning the main stage at music festivals in the next few years.

Keep supporting our Norwegian brothers by heading over to their website or catching up with them on Facebook or Twitter.

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Author: Steve Petter

Steve has been a fan of all kinds of genres and sub-genres of music since he was a wee boy listening to old Country vinyls with his mother. Therapy worked and now he spends his time scrolling the net for new music to listen to as loudly as he possibly can. A keen martial arts fanatic and self defense instructor, Steve also writes song lyrics, short stories and the occasional terrible screenplay.

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