Review: Storage 24 (Home Release)

The sci-fi thriller penned by and starring Noel Clarke, Storage 24 arrives for your home viewing pleasure just in time for Halloween (they’re clever these movie folk).

Charlie (Noel Clarke) is your mild mannered, if not slightly whingey, every man oblivious to the impending carnage soon to be rained on the capital due to a crash of a Government cargo plane. He meets his ex Shelley (Antonia Campbell-Hughes), who has gathered at the storage facility with her friends, to divide up their possessions after a painful (and somewhat unscrupulous) break up.

Over the course of the just ample 84 minute running time we are treated to a suspenseful feature, created, in no little part, by the well used silence broken intermittently by the noise of our resident monster helping to create a sense on unease that features consistently throughout.

Storage 24 benefits from the smart use of lighting and some clever camera techniques employed by director Johannes Roberts. Whilst the film maybe only has one or two moments that make you jump and perhaps suffers from several moments where you think you probably should have, the technique employed in creating suspense makes this film enjoyable.

My only criticisms would be that the characters could have been slightly further developed, outside of Charlie and Shelley’s relationship, and that in my opinion, an alien sparingly seen makes a scarier adversary.

With all that being said this film is a good, solid, enjoyable piece that may not leave you clamouring for more, but definitely won’t have you giving up half way through.

Additionaly within the Blu-Ray we have 90 minutes of extras, a lot of your usual stuff such as commentary, deleted scenes and photo gallery. But also a couple of featurettes the stand out, one of which being the ‘Creature Development Featurette’ which is pretty much as it describes and is actually very interesting (if you’re into that sort of thing) and provides some good insight into what is an actually very well designed, if not entirely original, alien.

Storage 24 will be released on 29 October 2012 on Blu-Ray, DVD & digital download. If you want to win a Blu-ray or DVD copy of Storage 24, head on over to our competition.

Author: Stephen Beavis

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