Review: St. Julian Deluxe Reissue By Julian Cope

Grab the leather pants and the hairspray, 80’s eccentric Julian Cope’s third solo album, St. Julian, is being reissued and this time it comes with a shiny second CD containing B-sides and remixes. Lovely.

St. Julian was the third solo effort by Cope and saw a dramatic change of image both in the man himself and his sound, which must have appealed to late 80’s music fanatics as this album was a hit and spawn several singles.

Listening to the album, whether you like it or not, is a joy. It’s like the soundtrack to those awful yet amazing 80s American films with young teenagers, big hair and cheesy one-liners, think Lost Boys or Teen Wolf and you’ll be tickling my brain in the right area. It’s simple, unashamed, pop-rock which that will have every child of the 70s singing merrily into their hair brush remembering the days of cheap booze, loud parties and leather clothes.

Instantly recognisable tracks include Trampoline, Eve’s Volcano and of course World Shut Your Mouth, all three get a remix on the bonus disc with little affect on their quality but some new backing tunes. It’s not life changing remixes but remixes nonetheless. The B-Sides on the second CD all follow the same pop-rock, some slightly more obscure than the original release tracks but with the surprise gem in Disaster,  a cleverly written and interesting track.

To sum up
The album was already great when it was released, so unapologetic in its cheesiness and camper than a row of tents, it is now a classic with some great tracks. The reissue with the second CD, although not completely without surprises, probably won’t appeal to anyone who already has the first album but will definitely be worth grabbing of you love decadent 80s pop-rock with lashings of adornment in its wings.

The reissue of St. Julian is available from 4 February 2013. Here’s Trampoline:

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Author: Steve Petter

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