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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been a busy boy lately. With numerous films coming out this year with his name in the headline, could he just be churning them out regardless of content? Or has he made his choices wisely? Let’s have a look.

Johnson plays John Matthews, a self-made man with a problem. In order to resolve his problem, he has to get involved in the drug world in order to potentially save the life of his son who could die in jail. The trailer for Snitch gets you pumped up for another bad-ass, action-packed, fist-bumping Rock film. Although this isn’t a lie, it’s not exactly the truth either.

Snitch is loosely based on the 1999 Frontline documentary, (also titled Snitch) about Joey Settembrino and his father James. In this case Johnson is portraying James Settembrino with more success than the real story. With a third of the film containing some serious action, the other two parts focus more on the drama that surrounds the family and the choices Matthews has made. Surprisingly this doesn’t diminish the pace of the film, in fact, it nicely balances it out.

The film has a good script, and builds some great depth of characters. Casting wise they made a bold choice using Johnson, but with Susan Sarandon as local US attorney Joanne Keeghan and Jon Bernthal as Daniel, Matthews connection to the drug world, they did well.

Johnson puts on a good show as a more toned down (than we’ve seen from him) father figure. However the thing that continues to pick away, is that it’s visibly clear that Johnson is built and could easily fist-pump someone into a wall. Not once does he even come close to knocking anyone out, that’s not bad though. The Rock is clearly known for his physical state – this could be him wanting to make a serious merge into another genre of film by showing us what he can really do.

To Sum Up

You’re getting a deeper story than the trailer lets on, in this case that’s in no means a bad thing. It has great moments, and Barry Pepper’s beard is epic.

PopBucket Review Score 7Snitch is in UK cinemas now.

Author: Zara Waqar

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