Review: Saints Row IV

Saints ‘Motherf**king’ Row IV.

As you’ve probably already seen from gameplay videos, Saints Row IV starts with you single handedly destroying a nuclear missile therefore unlocking your new role as President of the United States, then being invaded by aliens. Whack a British accent on any baddie and it automatically makes them a couple of notches badder, doesn’t it?

With a series of well executed references and jokes, all seems to be going well in the world of Saints Row IV.

The world then opens up for pretty much completely free-reign. You don’t have to stick to one part of Steelport until you’ve unlocked other areas. The world is your oyster as soon as you get there. This also includes a number of superpowers. It is extremely easy to get carried away just roaming around the city trying out your superpowers. Hours later you realise you haven’t done much else besides scaling large buildings, and outrun and knock 50+ cars off the road – and to think, that’s just your starting powers!

Customising your character is a big section all on its own. There is so much you can do, so many different people you could possibly be and no end to how much detail you can put in. The options are pretty hilarious, running around as a bearded lady dressed as a hot dog while causing complete mayhem is as much fun as it sounds.

saints row hot dog

Weapon wise, you do have a vast, vast, vast array. I feel slightly sad to say that the Dubstep gun may have been a fun idea, but in terms of damage it doesn’t do a whole lot. My favourite is the Abduction gun, watching a beam of light taking people is always entertaining. You can also customise the style of your guns which is a small but nice touch.

Things that have been saved from Saints Row 3, for example calling your homies for back up in a fight, may seem pointless to some considering the use of your new powers, but it’s good if all you feel like doing is punching someone in the face and want some company while you do it.

To keep you grounded, there are an absolute mass load of collectables that help you to upgrade your powers and the like. With collectables so easy to find, it does mean the price for upgrades jumps up significantly. For perfectionists, that could be a ball ache.

Side missions are again in mass, and a lot of them have been regurgitated from Saints Row 3.

From playing the game back in July at the event, some minor details I’ve noticed. I had previously mentioned corpses to be a problem when trying to walk or run over them. This has been remedied by the bodies no longer being an obstruction. The graphics still seem slightly rough round the edges in some places, and there seems to either be a graphic glitch or a change in a few of the story scenes.

The Co-op, just like the other Saints Row games, is as much fun as you hope it to be. This time you’re so hyped up with superpowers, you and a buddy can cause so much mayhem it’s bound to keep you playing for hours.

To Sum Up

Saints Row IV is really entertaining and takes another step forward into the fun and madness you can have in video games. However, it is slightly sloppy and has regurgitated content. But as long as you don’t take the tongue-in-check franchise seriously, you’ll have a blast (or more). If we did half points, it would of got an 8 and a half.

PopBucket Review Score 8

Saints Row IV is out August 23rd.

Version reviewed: Xbox 360.

If you’re planning to get SR4, then why not create your President right now to import into the game later.

Author: Zara Waqar

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