Review: Robot & Frank

Robots. Robot helpers. Interactive robot helpers. What more could you ask for?

Set in the near future Frank Langella plays a retired jewel thief who is struggling with his worsening dementia. His successful son Hunter (James Marsden) is trying to care for him from a far, which is proving difficult. In hope to help them both, Hunter gets a robot carer – but Frank has other ideas.

Robot & Frank is stocked with a strong cast that gives us a real heart felt movie. Despite Franks inital disdain for his new carer, their relationship flourishes and tugs on your heart strings. It’s definitely a lot deeper then expectations originally set out.

The writer/directer combination gives hope for future film for emerging talent. Writer Christopher Ford’s shows off his skills on the entertaining and intellectual script which makes you wonder where he’s been hiding himself. Jake Schreier does a fantastic job with a good selection of interesting camera shots that are beyond visually pleasing.

The soundtrack is extremely interesting. Unlike anything you’ve heard before, providing an upbeat futuristic and technological feel, which brings out the different and quirky side of the film.

Some great scenes to look out for include the robot waiting outside the library, a scene with robot and Frank taking a walk in the woods, a scene with the pair discussing gardening, and another scene where two robot helpers are talking to each other.

To Sum Up

Robot & Frank is filled with a well written story, great acting and a fantastic soundtrack. It’s one to put on your watch list.

PopBucket Review Score 7

Robot & Frank is out in UK cinemas 8 March.

Check out the trailer for Robot & Frank below:

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