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Resolution is a new indie horror film, certificate 15, starring Peter Cillela and Vinny Curran.

The film is about Mike (Peter Cillela), who receives a video showing him clips of his old childhood friend Chris (Vinny Curran), a drug addict living out in the woods. Believing the video is from Chris, and hoping to try and get Chris clean, Mike goes to the cabin where he is living and handcuffs him to a radiator. Over the next few days, as Chris detoxs, Mike contends with Chris’ drug addict friends and a group of Indians who aren’t pleased they’re on their reservation. He also starts discovering a range of strange objects – photos, records, videos and other recordings  – that seem to depict stories with gruesome ends. Soon clips of Chris and Mike start appearing as well…

The film seems to be have been shot in a semi-handheld, slightly shaky style. Whether or not this intentional, it suits it very well. Along with the blenched, sunny location, the whole thing feels realistic and raw.

Both the actors, Peter Cillela and Vinny Curran, are very good. I liked their characters a lot, and  you can see why Mike still cares about Chris, who is obvious a smart, fun guy – with a problem. You believe in their friendship, and the dialogue between them is great – there are some nice one liners in there.

I was a little puzzled by how clean Chris’ looked though – for a guy meant to be living in the woods, barely sleeping and taking drugs. His hair in particular always looked clean and shiny, but perhaps the actor just has amazing hair that can’t help looking styled. Nonetheless, its not a big issue.

The central horror concept to the film is an interesting idea, which I can’t really go into without spoiling it, but I’m really not sure if it works or not. I understand that they were trying to things up, and create an atmosphere, but there wasn’t enough tension.  I kept expecting the whole thing to ramp up a notch, but there was no increase, no shock moments building to the final shock. I think part of it was due to Chris and Mike’s reactions – they didn’t seem to be panicking that much about it until the end. True for most of the film Chris is distracted by his detox, and Mike does slowly start to get pulled in, but it still feels a bit to underplayed.

Another reason for the lack of tension, might have been the lack of music. The fact that there was no music is fine, again it suited the style of the film, but a little bit of unitrusive, creepy music might have helped add tension at certain points.

In summary, I thought Resolution was an original film. I really liked the characters, the set up and the location, and I recommend people watch it for those things. However, I do feel like this film needed just a little bit more somewhere. Personally, I think the story had the  potential to be a good comedy-drama about the relationship between Mike and Chris, or perhaps even a horror-comedy. As a straight horror though, I felt it just never got creepy enough.

Resolution is out on DVD on 24 June.

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