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Now I know after a month from the release date is a bit late to write a review, but Resident Evil 6 had such mixed reviews that it couldn’t possibly hurt to have one more voice in the fray, whether it is regarded as a defending fan boy or a long time fan turned diva is up to each individual. Capcom promised a lot of things for Resident Evil 6, and whether they lived up to their promises is usually varied from person to person. Firstly fans were told that zombies would feature in the game, just a pity that they failed to mention that they were only involved in half of the game’s actual story line. Possibly 3/5ths. But now is not the time to discuss fractions. The rest of the games enemies are comprised of J’avo. For those who don’t know they are basically a way of adding Las Plagas into the sequel without actually having added them. This is evident from their many mutations, some even recalling ones of old. With some exceptions of varied BOWs, most notably a blatant knock-off of Nemesis (with Leon’s hairstyle), and the Regenerators. Those who have played the game to completions will probably not need assistance in identifying the ones I mean.

Secondly many fans will no doubt comment on the games control scheme and general combat system, not being far removed from the fifth installment, besides the addition of a cover system, being somewhat unnecessary on most difficulties of the game. Especially due to zombies not typically wielding guns, at least not efficiently or not hilariously. J’avo’s will however, but a run and gun technique still seems a more efficient way of proceeding in most situations. Personally my biggest complaint, if you can call it that as it really doesn’t bother me very much, is that combat still seems to be pretty straight forward. I can, and have, cleared entire levels with the majority of my kills being done in this process, stumble an enemy with a single handgun round, wreak a usually fatal melee blow upon the unfortunate sod, rinse and repeat. While it isn’t necessary to play the game like this it is fairly easy to do without realising, as the only other base tactic is to unload as much lead as quickly as possible into anything shuffling. Both of those tactics worked just as well in the previous two games, so you can see the reason behind my slight irritation. There are other methods to achieve kills but as far as I’ve seen no one employs them, almost a pity.

One thing I certainly enjoyed as much as possible is the special features section of the game, which is only two things but both I find are fairly enjoyable. Firstly the Agent Hunt, simply a fun and nifty feature that allows players to take control of the various enemies in the game to, well, hunt players who are currently working through their campaign, of course certain restrictions apply, such as permission and certain chapter sections etc, etc. The second is my all time favourite of the Resident Evil Bonus content, The Mercenaries. Though none of the playable characters are technically mercenaries, with the possible exception of Ada Wong and Jake Muller, the mini game remains largely the same. A shame they’ve not added a survival feature yet.

Resident Evil 6 screenshot

Speaking specifically about the campaigns now, I will try to avoid spoilers as much as possible for the benefit of the late buyers. What you should expect to see at first is a confusing plot line, with most of the work being done by the player until enough information has been divulged across all campaigns that a downright explanation is no longer necessary. Perhaps it is just my experience but I found that my original plot prediction (we all have them when playing  a game and you know it) was not far from the truth. The only problem with splitting the campaigns into separate character groups is that newer characters don’t really get the time necessary to become liked, or even appreciated. This is evident from Chris’ campaign, as ol’ meaty neck has a side kick I just never found myself liking until long after the game finished. Somehow I found it easier to connect to Jake and Helena, but that might be relevant to who they are paired with (Leon S. Kennedy and Sherry Birkin respectively), rather than actual plot developments. Call me biased if you will.

As far as games go this is an appalling survival horror game, its not even a great action game, in fact I don’t even know if there is a category for what this game is. Yet I still received hours upon hours of fun from this game on the first play through alone, and I predict that I will have many more of those. I don’t really regret forking over for this game, some might, but I don’t. The only way I can really see someone complaining about this game to the point of busting a forehead vein is if their stuck in the early years of the series, unable to progress or just unwilling to, or just downright like complaining about minute factors. Personally anyone who is still complaining about the direction the series is taking after what they saw from Resident Evil 4-5 needs their foresight adjusted, as this game is exactly what I knew it was going to be the minute I heard its production began, and I accept that. Professionally speaking this game isn’t worth the original asking price, hell few games are worth £/$40-60 these days, but personally speaking this game is worth buying at one point or another, don’t let biased reviews spoil your opinion on the matter, it’s genuinely worth a look in, unless you hate pretty much every word I’ve written.

Reviews over but on the news side of the fence Resident Evil 6’s first DLC is going to be a free one, before you get too excited you might want to hear more. The update will only add a new difficulty mode called ‘No Hope’ an obvious call to their slogan for the game, and the ability to play Ada Wong’s campaign without having to finish the three others first, along with the chance to play through with a friend now as apparently five chapters with Ada alone was far too “difficult”. As to who her companion would be is a little confusing, as I can’t imagine how that would work with the cut scenes already in place. While it would appear that these are simply gifts from Capcom some would say different. As the content is partly on the disc already and was discovered by players before they declared it was going to be free. So whether Capcom was simply repeating history and planning on selling on the disc DLC or genuinely being a good guy is your choice of opinion. Either way the best release date for this content available is “soon”.

Version reviewed: Xbox 360

Author: Harry Box

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  • I am a big fan on resident evil 6 game. I have been play it and enjoyed a lot. It’s a one of the best survival horror game that I ever played.

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