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When Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show landed on my lap I had no idea what I was looking at. I knew of the titular Rabbids of course, but the Interactive TV Show bit threw me. After looking online I discovered that the Rabbids have their own TV show and that I was holding the official mini party game tie-in. I wasn’t that optimistic in all honesty.

I haven’t seen the show before but it looks quite amusing actually, and consists of short episodes lasting around five minutes that’s perfect for kids. However it’s just a shame stupid gameplay detracts from the episodes. Because of the focus on silly activities you can never actually absorb what’s going on on screen, despite the slapstick nature of the show.

Rabbids-Invasion screenshot

With the Kinect or PlayStation Camera plugged in you sit and watch a children’s animation and are tasked with some incredibly mundane activities. Each level, if you can call it that, last for around five minutes or so and the basis is an episode of the TV series. During each level the screen suddenly pauses and you have to match a highlighted Rabbid’s pose, such as flailing limbs and stupid faces. Not only is it not really funny or entertaining in the slightest, it was inconsistent in acknowledging my poses proving a frustrating experience too.

You’re also frequently presented with an object that you need to spot during the scene. You’re given about a few seconds to point at it on the TV to gain points, which isn’t exactly exciting. And if that’s not enough a tedious running on the spot sequence is thrown into the mix now and again.

There is the odd mini game that comes close to providing some sort of actual gameplay. As you can imagine it’s a very basic hand and arm waving that’s a far cry from even other basic Kinect titles.

Rabbids-Invasion screenshot 2

If you can persuade them, up to three friends can join in with you. Battling to get the top spot is the nature of the title’s multiplayer mode but sadly it’s just the same levels as single player with no unique features for you and your friends to try out. So in theory the leaderboard system in place does allow for replayability but I very much doubt it would bring back even the most dedicated Rabbids fans due to the shallow offering.

The actual animation of the show is very good, but the game has a few basic menus and icons that pop up during the game. Very little has actually been created for this game and it is a shame to see talent wasted on a game like this. One of the main things the devs have created is the most annoying assistant ever in the form of an old lady who describes the activities at every given opportunity. It’s like Microsoft’s Clippy but with saggier boobs.

To sum up
Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show simply doesn’t work on any level. It’s not good enough as a game and the decent show is unwatchable due to the nature of playing the game. Children have far better options available that are much cheaper too. Or just watch the show!

PopBucket Review Score 4

Format reviewed: Xbox One

Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show is out now on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4.

Author: Martyn Newton

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