Review: Paranormal Activity 4

What would happen if Paranormal Activity 3 made the most money out of the franchise at the box office? This.

Five years after the disapperance of Katie and Hunter, a family witness some strange events in their street when a woman and her mysterious child move in across the road.

The film starts with a catch up if you hadn’t already seen the previous installments of Paranormal Activity or just to give you a jog of memory, focusing on the disappearance of Katie and Hunter.

Just like Paranormal Activity 3, the Catfish duo Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman are back taking number four on a less serious route. Our heroine is Alice (Kathryn Newton) whose relationship with friend Alex (Matt Shively) provides the most entertainment throughout. When the strange neighbour Robbie (Brady Allen) has to move into the house after his mother unexpectedly gets taken to hospital, weird things start to happen. True to form, cameras get set up on multiple laptops in the house, which can only be assumed to have product placement by Apple after seeing a 6 year old own a lovely MacBook and many iPhones in tow, events get documented.

Allen plays a fantastic creepy child, and simple ‘boo’ moments still seem to be highly effective. Unfortunately though, the latest installment of the Paranormal kind seems to be the weakest in the link so far. It is satifying if you are requiring being jumped out of your chair once or twice, but the big scene everyone expects that we have seen in the past is misplaced by teenage jokes and humour.

It is safe to say which has been seen previously by the franchise, scenes included in the trailers do not occur in the final cut film. We can only assume this is to be put in an extended version or bonus features on the home release.

To sum up
Over all, exactly what you would expect from the franchise and one to give you a few jumps, but don’t go into the cinema expecting to see something outrageously scary.

Paranormal Activity 4 is out in UK cinemas now.

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