Review: Nine Below Zero ‘Live At The Marquee’ Reissue

Blues-Punks Nine Below Zero re-issue their classic debut Live At The Marquee with previously unreleased tracks and a bonus DVD.

This being a reissue it often makes it quite hard to judge how to base your reviews, if your a fan and know the album then there’s not much use, you know what’s coming and if you know what’s coming then reviews can be rather pointless…to an extent. But we’ll pretend you don’t know what’s coming and work from there, shall we?

The album features a live set, recorded over two nights, at the famous Marquee Club in London, and we start with Tore Down and are thrown straight into the fast paced electric blues that the band have since made their trademark. After Tore Down we stride effortlessly into Straighten her out, a more classic blues song again using heavily the harmonica of Mark Feltham and I can’t stress enough, he really does play the shit out of that thing. The album and the band draw heavy influence from major blues performers, Sonny Boy Williamson being a direct comparison, a song of whose being where the band take their name, and under this influence Mark Feltham’s harmonica is consistently put to good use.

The set features a number of band originals interspersed with several covers, a highlight being I Can’t Help Myself, originally made famous by The Four Tops but with the real stamp of authority. This is Nine Below’s version, and don’t you forget it.

Fans of the band will be delighted to hear that along with the remastered original album we have 7 encore songs which have previously never been available, whilst being familiar to old ears and general fans, is a welcome addition to album.

Along with the remastered set and additional encore tracks we are treated with performance footage, giving viewers a real taste of the electrifying set that can be sometimes quite hard to capture on an album alone.

This is an impressive album, taking into consideration that it is always a bold move for a band to release a live album as their debut, but given the nature of the music they are playing it definitely pays dividends. If you’re a fan of Rhythm and Blues or even Ska and haven’t given this album a go before I would highly recommend that you do now and for fans that have many a time before, the new content adds a good deal of new material that is definitely worth a listen.

Live At The Marquee is available now on CD with bonus DVD.

Author: Stephen Beavis

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