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This is going to be an interesting review. Where to start? Well, for anyone not already familiar with the title, Monopoly is the classic property owning board game. The objective is to bankrupt the other players and take their buildings from them, ultimately allowing you to own the whole board. This is probably how Donald Trump got started.

Monopoly Family Fun Pack uses the graphical capabilities of the PS4 to render a digital version of the experience. There is the choice to play on either a classic or a living board. The classic is exactly what you can imagine and as the name suggests the living board features animations of the properties. It actually looks quite nice but Monopoly games take long enough to complete without the added time it takes for the animations to play out so I imagine after the first game using the living board, most people will probably stick with the classic version.

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In any case, the familiar board pieces are all there. Dog, Top Hat, Car and the rest. They are all animated and are the only thing in the game that have a bit of real personality to them. There is also an achievements list which rewards you for doing ordinary in-game things like putting hotels on your properties. There are a number of alternate board designs available as well, should the fancy take you. You can also choose alternate rules so you’re playing the game in slightly different ways, sadly it doesn’t mix up the gameplay that much though).

The most annoying thing about this game and something that can be easily fixed are the dice rolls. They are automated and infuriatingly the number doesn’t simply immediately appear. It takes a few seconds and when playing alone with the AI this can seem like a lifetime, especially when you are waiting for your turn to come round. Speaking of the AI, even on very hard they are prone to making deals no shrewd player would ever dream of doing. There is also no difference in play style between AIs. No alliances get formed and broken as it does in real life to take down your little brother or a particular mate. It’s kind of soulless.

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Which begs the question – why would you use a current generation console to produce a pretty straight ahead representation of a classic board game? The only perks I can think of are:

  1. Saving on home storage space.
  2. Not needing to tidy up afterwards.

There is nothing technically wrong with the game. Monopoly Family Fun Pack isn’t buggy or in any way broken and is a very good replication of the long running classic boardgame. But at the end of the day it’s just Monopoly. No more, no less.

PopBucket Review Score 5


Version reviewed: PS4

Monopoly Family Fun Pack is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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