Review: Miles Graham – All So Innocent

We are fast approaching the debut release from Irish modern soul talent Miles Graham. The single entitled All So Innocent emerges 24 June and will serve as the perfect accompaniment to warm, lazy summer afternoons across the country (should we actually get any). Graham’s mellow approach to song-writing is re-collective of past pioneers of soul music such as Bill Withers and Van Morrison with all the contemporary nuances of someone like Ray LaMontagne or James Morrison.

Beneath the surface of this serene little ditty hides a seemingly forlorn regret, speaking of a lost love that cannot be requited. Perhaps then it is fitting that the mood of the song makes light of this hardship and reveals to us an emotional maturity in Graham’s writing. At least that is one interpretation; this song is multi-faceted, sweetly melodic with a polished, softening groove that will calm any frazzled brains amongst the working populace.

You can hear it in its entirety on Graham’s Soundcloud page as well as B Side I’ll Never Let You Down.

Author: Charlie Piercey

Musician, Journalist, Expert Procrastinator.

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