Review: Lincoln

Beards and hats galore! It’s Abraham Lincoln, Spielberg style.

Set in 1865 as the Civil War continues Abraham Lincoln (Daniel Day-Lewis) is fighting a race against time in order to have the 13th amendment passed to abolish slavery in the United States of America. All he has to do is get his cabinet on side while facing his own conscience of ending the war or ending slavery.

Day-Lewis as Lincoln fits like a hand in a glove, as if this role was designed for him. Sally Field as Lincolns wife Mary Todd was also a good match, Field plays the role with deep sincerity. And Gulliver McGrath who plays the youngest of Lincolns children brings some lovely humourous moments, which greatly balances out the otherwise mainly somber tone across the film.

Tony Kushner’s script is a vital portion of the movie, filled with delightful stories and quips for Day-Lewis which seems to pace the plot well. They also make a nice break between the political discussions. The original biography by Doris Kearns Goodwin titled Team of Rivals on which Kushner used to create his original 550 page script had likely been a great aid to this.

Spielberg does nothing out of the ordinary and provides us with an entertaining film with great composition. Lincoln has fantastic costumes, props and likely very accurate beard and moustache variants which you will have fun counting.

A great scene to keep an eye on is on the day of passing of the 13th amendment, where the uproar in the room is almost palpable.

To Sum Up

Lincoln is compiled of a big yet established cast, and a solid script. Just make sure to stock up on snacks as Spielberg is pushing the 150 minute mark.

PopBucket Review Score 8

Lincoln is out in UK cinemas now.

Take a look at the trailer for Lincoln below.

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