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After Jack Ryan completes his post grad studies at London School of Economics and joining the US Marines, he’s is headhunted by the CIA and recruited as an analyst. Working under the guise of an employee of a private company, he is sent to Moscow to audit that data only he is qualified to analyse. But an attempt on his life propels him into a mission where he goes from being an analyst to a spy when he uncovers a plot to crash the US economy.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is based on the well known characters created by best selling author Tom Clancy, with the titular character previously portrayed by Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck. The latest adaptation follows Jack (now played by Chris Pine) from his student days during the events of 9/11, to his tour of Afghanistan – which left him permanently injured, to rehabilitation at a military hospital where his doctor becomes his fiancée – Cathy (Keira Knightley).

In Moscow, Jack uses his quick thinking and military skills to survive and succeed the mission, under the guardianship of his CIA handler Harper (Kevin Costner).
His fiancée turns up unexpectedly in Moscow with a surprise visit and manages to keep a cool head when she learns of Jack double life and current mission status. Cathy even assists Jack on the mission by keeping Russian oligarch (Kenneth Branagh) charmed and appeased whilst Jack completes his task. Soon after Cathy finds herself in the crosshairs of danger and suddenly Jack must save his fiancée, save the mission and back in New York, save the world.

Chris Pine is excellently convincing as the stoic, level headed and brave Jack Ryan. Keira Knightly is all grown up as the beautiful and charismatic loyal fiancée. Kevin Costner is on top form as the CIA agent and Kenneth Branagh, who also directs, is virtually unrecognisable in the character of Viktor Cherevin, head of the Russian terrorist faction.

To sum up
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is an international action thriller relative to modern times. It’s is thoroughly engaging from the very start and will keep its audience captivated with breathtaking action, flawless plot twists and turns and a very believable story brought alive to the big screen from the original story written by David Koepp.

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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is out in UK cinemas 24 January 2014.

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  • cg

    I like the actor Kevin Costner – the movie review gives a good protrayal – makes me want to book a seat. I will be going to see it.

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