Review: I’d Like To Remain A Mystery By The Glass Child

The Glass Child, Charlotte Eriksson, releases her first full length album after a series of very successful EPs, all of which have been released on her own record label and fully marketed by the lady herself. I was lucky enough to get a listen.

The story of Charlotte Eriksson is one that stirs the imagination, coming to the UK from Sweden to pursue a life in music, driven by the very simple desire to share her love with the world. When I asked The Glass Child why she came to the UK she said;

“…I needed and wanted to leave Sweden, and London is like the capital of music in Europe”

The album I’d Like To Remain A Mystery was written and produced by the talented young artist in an attempt to avoid the chains of the modern music industry and having to sacrifice doing what she loves the way she wants to do it.

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The album itself is a thing of beauty, such purity poured into an album that spills the experiences of this young girl across each song, all of which are simply produced, it’s not about the production but the angelic singing and the soothing music. An eclectic mix of humour and melancholy, each track commands you to stop and listen, filled to the brim with catchy lyrics that will leave you smiling or pondering. Stand out tracks would have to be Stay and Letdown, but my favourite by far is the witty Creepy Little Story. I asked Charlotte how she went about writing such beautiful songs;

“These lyrics are words that I had been writing in my journal, and one night I was just playing on the piano and I went to that creative place where nothing else exists, I started to sing and the songs were born”

Usually such clarity and wisdom only finds an artist once they have endured breakdowns, rehabs, break-ups and 30 years of an unforgiving industry, but this young lady has opened her mind and allowed what is there to pour out in song, uninhibited.


The Glass Child’s voice is beautiful, so soft and pure but with an edge that cuts through the cuteness and leaves a true sense of meaning and purpose. With such drive and enthusiasm it is clear that Charlotte has a long career ahead of her and we are lucky to just be seeing the beginning. I asked her if she found it difficult to find inspiration and what she told me will become my quote of 2013;

“Inspiration has no rules. When it hits you, you’re its slave”

The album is released 26 February 2013 and you can preorder it through her website.

Get more from The Glass Child on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.

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Author: Steve Petter

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