Review: Heza By Generationals

Bouncy, American indie rockers Generationals give us another full length offering with more of their upbeat, guitar driven sound and soft vocals. Given their very fast rise to the top of the indie a-list, we see if they can keep up the pace or if they fall short of the standard.

Grant Widmer and Ted Joyner created Generationals after the fallout of their previous band and immediately hit us with a quality first album in the form of Con Law in 2009. Since then they have gone from strength to strength, wooing crowds and impressing producers who use their recordings in numerous adverts. With an EP and a second album by 2011 there is a risk that the high work rate may affect the quality of what they do.

That isn’t evident on Heza which continues in the same vein as previous offering, paint by numbers indie rock, with classic un-intrusive electronic beats meshed with simple guitar melodies and the duos instantly recognisable high range vocals. The guys give fans more of what they love in lashings, never getting too excited but maintaining a constant upbeat tone that will have the root fans swaying with delight. Put a Light On and I Never Know would probably be my highlights on the album but overall each track compliments the next nicely and together the whole record comes together well at the end.

Catch up with Generationals on Facebook or on their website. For now here’s Put a Light On:

PopBucket Review Score 7

Author: Steve Petter

Steve has been a fan of all kinds of genres and sub-genres of music since he was a wee boy listening to old Country vinyls with his mother. Therapy worked and now he spends his time scrolling the net for new music to listen to as loudly as he possibly can. A keen martial arts fanatic and self defense instructor, Steve also writes song lyrics, short stories and the occasional terrible screenplay.

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