Review: Good Things Come To Those Who Don’t Wait By Josh Kumra

Some of the more astute out there may remember a young Josh when he co-wrote and provided vocals for rapper Wretch 32’s number 1 smash hit Don’t Go, and may have loved the Swindon-born singer’s voice so much that you couldn’t wait to hear more. Well, the waiting is over as Josh Kumra is releasing his first full length album, Good Things Come To Those Who Don’t Wait, and I gave it a little listen to see if he can recreate some of that magic he shared with Wretch 32.

The subtle and smooth choir-boy tones of Josh Kumra are typical of today’s wealth of solo male singer/songwriters, soft and brooding with an air of self reflection put together with simple riffs and a backing track that barely touches the vocals. His boyish good-looks and his sensitive outlook will have the girls swooning just as much as his singing will have them singing along, leaving no doubt that Josh Kumra will fit nicely into a niche that has been carved out by the likes of Ed Sheeran and seems to have no sign of becoming over-populated.

The album itself is well-written, there are no outstanding tracks that will likely be taking home the gold at award ceremonies, but there are plenty of tracks that could add that all important atmosphere to the inevitable sad story on The X Factor. Most tracks follow the same proven format, with the vocals never at risk of being outmatched by the backing track which is consists of a very simple beat beefed out with a hint of guitar or keyboard.

Josh Kumra demonstrates his ability beautifully on this album with a collection of tracks that highlight not only his writing prowess but also his strong vocal ability, it’s just unfortunate that Josh releases his album into a sea of music already swimming with much bigger fish. The girls will love him, and the guys will enjoy singing along to his songs but ultimately there is nothing new on this album.

Catch up with Josh Kumra on his website or on Facebook, for now here is opening track from Josh’s first album The Answer:

PopBucket Review Score 6

Good Things come to Those Who Don’t Wait is released on 22 April 2013.

Author: Steve Petter

Steve has been a fan of all kinds of genres and sub-genres of music since he was a wee boy listening to old Country vinyls with his mother. Therapy worked and now he spends his time scrolling the net for new music to listen to as loudly as he possibly can. A keen martial arts fanatic and self defense instructor, Steve also writes song lyrics, short stories and the occasional terrible screenplay.

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