Review: FLTF’s ‘Daydreamer EP’

Canadian synth-pop quintet, From Love To Forfeit, have just released their latest EP in the UK. Better known as FLTF, the group are enjoying a four-month Canadian tour right now. Their synth-pop sounds is defiantly upbeat. It’s Kraftwerk meets Katy Perry. It’s Kavinsky on Ritalin. The EP showcases four standalone tracks and two remixes.

Daydreamer is the first track and its refrain is a cool nod to the band’s optimism: “Open your eyes, reach for the stars / Up through the sky, the world is ours.”  William Butler Yeats it ain’t but that’s the point. This is a song that revels in its innocence. The kick-drum is fierce, the vocals are catchy, the synths are infectious. Daydreamer will fill dance-floors but the weird thing is, it is a song that would not sound out of place during pass-the-parcel.

Stay With Me exhibits the mature side of FLTF with a bass-line that is less bubblegum and more hard-house. The hook is reminiscent of California Gurls and the result is an anthemic crowd-pleaser and a great pop song.

Dance Cannon is a synth-heavy number. The vocals are often distorted and the driving loops are pretty nu-rave. It is the least accessible track on the EP but it has its moments. “We’re gonna take the world and show them how it’s done tonight” sings Ash Militsala. FLTF are dripping with confidence and it is hard not to get on board.

You/Me recalls the trance anthems of the early 2000s with its synth loops. Unlike the previous track, the vocals here are the strongest on the EP and Ash proves he can belt out a number with the best of them. All four original tracks on the Daydreamer EP highlight a group of musicians bent on creating a party sound that is not hung-up on image and ego. The music speaks for itself with its irresistible beats. There are moments where the synths feel a little Alice DeeJay and the remixes of Daydreamer (by Techstyler) and You/Me (by Kurt Ca$h) do not live up to the originals, simply pigeon-holing the music into dance-floor fodder.

From Love To Forfeit are Ash Militsala (lead vocals, guitar, synth/keyboard), Garrett Fitzgerald (Bass), Brennen Forster (guitar, vocals, synth), Wesley Fitzgerald (Drums) and Joshua Crooker (Digi Drums, Auxilliary Percussion). With the release of the Daydreamer EP and their current tour underway, it is an exciting time for these five fresh faces.

Daydreamer EP was released on 26 November 2012 on iTunes.

Author: Jordan Devine

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