Review: ‘Fine Times’ By Fine Times

Vancouver’s, Woody Allen inspired, indie rockers Fine Times have been making waves since their formation, especially in their home of Canada with a nomination for Emerging Artist of the Year at the SiriusXM Indies. Their simple but eclectic mix of pop and old school synth is proving a popular recipe, with a large cult following already and with this new release it’s likely the duo will be pulling in new fans across the globe.

In this, the band’s first full length offering, we are treated to an array of dimensions from each song with every new track breaking the rhythm and changing pace to keep you interested. It’s difficult to believe that this is just two men, the sound is that diverse and each track, while being pure indie rock to the core, gives us glimpses of 80s synth intersected with 90s pop.

First single Hey Judas is the quintessential indie anthem, blending clever lyrics with a simple beat and strong sing-along hooks to create a warm atmosphere that will have camper vans full of fans waving their arms and chanting along in delight. The rest of the album follows, pretty much, the same pattern of clever lyrics and cumbersome beat but changing pace by swapping out guitar based melodies for synth based in places. The stand-out track on the album is probably High Brow Low Times, but there isn’t a poor track on the album.

Fine Times have done a good job with this offering, giving everyone something they can sing a long to and ultimately composing an album which keeps true to its indie roots but showcases the influences of many other sub-cultures. We can expect to see these guys warming up the big stages at some major festivals next year.

For more info on Fine Times head on over to their website or follow their progress on your choice of social network, Facebook or Twitter. For now here’s Hey Judas:

PopBucket Review Score 7Fine Time’s self-titled debut album is out now.


Author: Steve Petter

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