Review: Evil Dead (2013)

The much anticipated remake to Sam Raimi’s 1981 film The Evil Dead has finally arrived. Fede Alvarez steps up to the plate as director for Evil Dead (2013) in his first feature length film, after impressing producer Raimi with his short Panic Attack!.

In a remote cabin, five friends find themselves in a whole heap of mess when they try to help junkie Tessa (whoops, I mean Mia) get off drugs. Whilst at the cabin the gang stumble across a Book of the Dead which conjures up an evil presence, which is out to kill them all.

The cast consists of Mia (Jane Levy), who is junkie sister of David (Shiloh Fernandez). The medic of the film Olivia (Jessica Lucas) is accompanied by the teacher Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci), oh and there is David’s girlfriend there too – she’s the blond one who doesn’t say much (Elizabeth Blackmore).

The film consists of classic scenes from the original, gore, masses of blood and screaming. The decision to keep the film old school and not use computer graphics for its gore meant the visuals had to be good. And good they are, this may not bode well for the squeamish as ultimately means there are some pretty intense shots of the gore and knife licking.

Fernandez keeps us on our toes by not clearly choosing a hero, which means we are going back and forth between characters. The issue with this being there is not much in terms of character development, this is why David’s girlfriends name is not important nor memorable.

The missing component to this remake is unfortunately, the dark humour. Having been a big part of the original, this may leave a void in die hard fans of the 1981 film.

To Sum Up

As far as remakes go, hardcore fans of the original may be left feeling disappointed with the lack of dark humour. However, the film as a horror does satisfy the craving.

PopBucket Review Score 7

Evil Dead is out in UK cinemas now.

To see a trailer of Evil Dead, take a look below:

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