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Operation Broken Eagle is the first batch of four pieces of DLC for Xbox One launch title, Dead Rising 3. Each new Episode, as Capcom are putting it, plays through a different person and their adventures in Los Perdidos. This first Episode focuses on Commander Adam Kane, a Special Ops guy who’s been tasked by General Hemlock to capture the President.

This batch of DLC (and I’m guessing the rest will follow a similar narrative style) goes a bit Half Life: Opposing Force in the way it shows another side of the story and adds some history to places and events. Of course, it doesn’t ever reach the highs of what Valve did in their spin offs, it’s more of a nod of recognition here and there. That’s not a criticism as Half Life is built around narrative and Dead Rising is more about zombie slaying more than anything else. But I feel Capcom could have got much more out of it than they have. Overall it’s a generic plod through the city plus it’s over far too quickly. Just as I was getting into the flow of things again it abruptly finished, taking less than an hour from start to finish. And that included the odd side mission here and there.

Playing a soldier has also made this batch of DLC gun focused. In fact the last mission in particular is a full on third person shooter. It didn’t bother me too much as I had fun but donning my reviewer hat it’s actually a crap mission in the grand scheme of things. Like many games that have zombies and human enemies, the human AI is often poor. Soldiers don’t act like they should and just constantly roll on the ground when you shoot at them, or have their back to you. It’s not much different to Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. On top of that there’s huge problem that many people will have with this DLC; there’s no co-op! It’s one of the oddest decisions that I can think of. It would be like Borderlands 2 going solo only, or Left 4 Dead. All three have a different approach to the narrative but all three games are vastly improved with the inclusion of co-op.

Side missions are variations of what’s gone on before. Instead of destroying speakers, it’s hacking CCTV cameras and instead of collecting statues, it’s obtaining dog tags from fallen soldiers. With any piece of DLC you can expect a bunch of new things to play with and this piece of DLC does serve up some goodies. You start off with a sweet pair of massive, dual wielding combat knives and it’s not long before you get a mini-gun. Very handy for mowing down an incoming hoard of the undead. You also have one mission where you drive an APC complete with turret.

To sum up
A lack of co-op in Operation Broken Eagle is very disappointing, plus with gun focused gameplay and a short life span a lot of fans may well be put off. It’s also pricey for what you get. But the DLC does bring some more fun zombie slaying and those can’t get enough of the undead will enjoy Capcom’s offering, if they’ve got money burning a hole in their pocket that is.

PopBucket Review Score 5


Version reviewed: Xbox One

Dead Rising 3: Operation Broken Eagle is available to download now.

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