Review: Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel DLC

Dead Rising 3 Fallen Angel DLC

Onto Episode 2 of the 4 Untold Stories of Dead Rising 3’s DLC offering and now you’re playing as a member of the Illegals Organisation. You play Angel, a feisty, tattooed woman that’s part of the resistance against the special forces that plagued Nick in the main series and were part of in the Operation Broken Eagle DLC. She’s a little more interesting than the bland Adam Kane but she’s hardly Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite. Still, it’s an improvement plus Angel’s the first female playable character in the series.

It is nice that we get to see more of the “everyday” fightback against zombies and forces that so far hasn’t really been touched on but like my biggest problem with the previous piece of DLC was the length, taking less than an hour to complete. Sadly that’s the case here too meaning people will be wondering if they’ve really got value for money out of their season pass. It also means that Angel’s story is a whistlestop tour and is not very fleshed out.

Mission wise it’s basically the same as before. Go to A to collect B and then head to C and clear out either an area of zombis and/or Spec Ops. Side missions are mostly reskins of what we’ve done before so those of you that are a completionist will enjoy the offering here. But there are slightly more in keeping with the theme of the story and now and again you come up across a group of three survivors who are about to be executed by Spec Ops. Liberating them felt more rewarding than saving any other survivor to date.

Some very minor environment layout changes to account for the earlier time period but you do get to see some new areas. Well they were new to me at least, I’m sure some people may have ferreted around some of the locations but it’s good that Capcom is making the most of Los Perdidos.

Dead Rising 3 Fallen Angel DLC screenshot 2

We of course have the obligatory new weapons. You start off with a vicious looking mace and you pick up some cool duel machine pistols. You also get zombie gas which pacifies the zombies who get inhale the gas, useful but not an exciting weapon.

Finally, as we all well now know there’s no co-op in any of Dead Rising 3’s DLC. I’m knocking a score off each piece of DLC just for that as customers would have assumed they’d be getting more co-op with their friends but instead given a narrow slice of singleplayer only.

To sum up
Better than Operation Broken Eagle but still short (literally and metaphorically) of what I’d like from the Dead Rising’s 3 DLC offering. However with half the content still to be released there’s still time to Capcom to offer the value for money for season pass holders.

PopBucket Review Score 6Version reviewed: Xbox One

Dead Rising 3: Fallen Angel DLC is out now on Xbox One.


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    “Dual” machine pistols. Not duel.

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