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Dead Rising 3 Chaos Rising - Hunter

The third of four Dead Rising 3 DLC episodes has now been released. Now over half way through the package, lets hope the improvements found in Fallen Angel continue over and don’t regress back to how they were in Operation Broken Eagle.

The latest episode, Chaos Rising, lets you take control of biker, Hunter Thibodeux. He was framed by a rival gang member which landed him in prison. Locked up when the outbreak happened he seizes his chance to escape setting him on a path to take back his gang and get revenge on those who put him in the clink.

Hunter isn’t the most original or interesting interesting character around but I found him to be the most fun character from the DLCs to date. He also has the most well rounded story out of all the DLC characters so far, something that’s been a bit of an issue to date. That’s mostly down to the very short lifespans (around an hour) of the previous packs. Sadly Chaos Rising still clocks in at around that time which leads you to question the season pass’ value for money.

With very little development time between these DLC packs it’s understandable why there’s very little change. Thankfully the quality of Dead Rising 3’s DLC is continuing to increase with Chaos Rising being the best yet. That’s not to say it’s anything amazing, but it’s a good improvement on Operation Broken Eagle which left us with a bit of a sour taste.

If you’re a completionist you’ll get a bit more out of this as collectibles and world activities have had another reskin so now destroying phone kiosks and collecting whiskey bottles is an acceptable way to spend your time.

New to this pack includes five new weapons, a new combo weapon, a new vehicle plus a new outfit. The new weapons include a spiked helmet and a tasty new gun called the Hand Cannon that looks like a pistol with about eight barrels. The combo weapon is the Splitter, an chainsaw like weapon combined with a spade with an end result looking like a homemade Gears of War weapon. The new vehicle is the Thrasher, a motorbike with an array of spinning blades at the front that quickly became one of my favourites. It really is a vicious piece of machinery.

The core gameplay is identical to what’s gone before which is no surprise. I found there to be a little more gun action than Fallen Angel but thankfully no where near as much as Operation Broken Eagle where it fundamentally broke what makes Dead Rising fun. Overall the missions aren’t too bad with a little more variety than what we’ve had before, although they mostly hinge on going A to B to collect/kill C.

The world has again been slightly rejigged but overall very little has changed and there’s not really anything to say that hasn’t been mentioned in previous reviews.

I’ve made enough noise about this in my previous reviews but shockingly there’s still no co-op to be found here.

To sum up
The best piece of Dead Rising 3 DLC so far although questions still remain about value for money.

PopBucket Review Score 6Version reviewed: Xbox One

Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising is available to download now on Xbox One.

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