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Casi Wyn’s North Walian folk/pop is a familiar blend of inspirited melodies and insatiable pop-quirkiness with a little lean towards the trendy idiosyncrasies of folk-tronica. Her EP, quizzically entitled 1 was released 15 April on Ika Ching Records. It showcases some distinguished pop tune writing and a palpably versatile voice.

The dainty charm of Canfod is surely one of the highlights of the EP. Minor pitching issues aside, her voice and song takes us on a veritable rollercoaster of sweet harmonies and soaring melodies.
I don’t believe she has a music video for this one but if she did it would almost certainly demand her to stand atop a mountain somewhere in the Welsh wilderness, with 360 degree camera panning whilst she serenades the vistas below (don’t forget to credit me if you actually end up doing this Casi!).

Tywyll heno has an implicit Spanish flavour to it and you might think that the Welsh language would clash with this, but it actually ends up merging quite well. Her vocals are particularly captivating in this track. The ever so subtle vibrato she uses brings a soft fluidity and refined quality to her voice.

Gwthio is another alluring listen. In particular, the overdubbed breathy, sustained harmonies during a fleeting moment at 1:24, are used to mesmeric effect. She also frequently crosses her vocal break in this song, using a technique similar to yodelling (but also nothing like it) often utilised in modern pop music; it sounds very uplifting and contributes to the rosy mood the tune exudes.

Fan Hyn is, dare I say the culprit of a lack of ingenuity. This song is unequivocally boring to me. Two or three chords and a melody that doesn’t really hazard away from the tonic note, take us on a journey that goes pretty much nowhere. This song is a polite plod along the chord sequences and melodies that we’ve heard a thousand times before. It’s safe, it’s unoriginal and it’s not doing anything for me.

I do like to listen to the lyrics when I hear an artist for the first time. Whilst I find the Welsh language interesting, unfortunately I cannot comment on the meanings of the songs because I am not a Welsh speaker (despite being Welsh-born). It is a shame that the words are incomprehensible to me but the music aptly communicates its own meanings.
I was once frowned upon for not knowing the language of my home country and branded “ignorant”. Well, I won’t let this bother me because it’s my belief that the language isn’t a barrier: the attitude is!

Eerie anthem Winter closes the EP. This is perhaps her strongest recording, not because it’s the only one sung in English, but because it pertinently displays the raw power in her voice. There is a fierce and exciting passion embedded here that would be well received on her future recordings.

I look forward to hearing more from Casi, be sure to check out her music on her Soundcloud Page.
PopBucket Review Score 7

Author: Charlie Piercey

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