Review: Angels Without Wings By Heidi Talbot

Magical singer/songwriter Heidi Talbot is releasing a new album, Angels Without Wings, on 18 February and she was kind enough to let us here at PopBucket have a listen.

The atmosphere on this album is so relaxing, you can’t help but get drawn into it. Take the opening track Angels Without Wings which has the feel of a small French cafe in the middle of summer. Care-free, chilled, couples enjoying the day without stresses or strains, then when Heidi sings her voice melts away any remaining knot of discomfort and the atmosphere builds taking you on a journey somewhere beautiful.

The lyrics on the album are inspired, so clever as is often the case with folk music, but here we see stories in each song unfold with the grace and depth of a romantic novel. Wine and Roses is such a smooth track, poised with elegance as Heidi spins her yarns over very simple but creative acoustic music. The male vocals compliment the tracks well, just enough to add depth but never too much that it takes over even when he is singing alone it’s just right.

My favourite track, although it is a difficult choice, is called The Loneliest. Heildi’s voice is so enchanting and pure, every word is believable and instead of just listening to the record you are drawn into the story, feeling every word and note.

To Sum Up
Every track on this album is a gem, a couple of stand-outs but overall a stunning performance by a truly talented singer who is blessed with such an amazing talent. Hurry and buy this album as soon as it comes out, sit back and relax with it, forget about work and just enjoy it. You’ll be glad you did.

Get more Heidi Talbot on her website or on MySpace and follow her on Twitter. Catch up with Heidi on her live tour of the UK, details are available on her website.

As I’m the sharing type, here’s the fantastic Angels Without Wings, title track from this album. Enjoy:

PopBucket Review Score 9

Author: Steve Petter

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