Review: American Pie: Reunion

13 years after their graduation from East Great Falls High, the original cast for American Pie are back together. But was the Pie made fresh, or was it old and stale?

Jim and the gang graduated 13 years ago, not only in movie time but real time too! For those of you who watched the original American Pie films (disregarding anything after the wedding) you will most likely be looking forward to this reunion. I regret to inform you that you will be left feeling disappointed. Disappointed it doesn’t go on for longer, that is.

So 9 years on from the wedding, lots of things have changed. Jim and Michelle now have a two-year-old son. Oz is a famous sports personality who is dating a hot and kinky blonde. Finch is well traveled and comes baring tales of the world. Kevin has settled down as a house-husband and working as an architect. Heather is a doctor dating a heart surgeon. Vicky now lives off in NYC. And Stifler, well – he’s still Stifler!

It’s great to have the cast back together, feeling as though you are actually having a long awaited reunion with these old chums, the film starts off by showing us Jim and Michelle’s married life. With such a great opening scene you can’t help but feel at home with these guys.

Although the script does flop in a few minor area’s whilst they’re trying to hold on to some of the first laughs from the original films, it’s easily turned around by the Stifmeister. There are some real laugh out loud moments that include a bit of light bondage, sloppy faces and best of all – Jim’s Dad. After Jim’s mum dying 3 years ago, his dad is encouraged to date new women and under the influence of Stifler it’s bound to be full of laughs. But admittedly, Stifler get’s the last laugh!

A great way for Stifler and the guys to reunite and create one last good movie from the franchise. It’s definitely worth a look, even if you just want something to cheer you up. Guaranteed to make you laugh.

PopBucket Review Score 7

American Pie: Reunion is out in UK cinemas now.

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