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Definition of RETREAT

1a (1) : an act or process of withdrawing especially from what is difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable


The film Retreat is a story about a couple (Thandie Newton and Cillian Murphy) who go out to a secluded Island to get away from their strained day to day lives and spend time with one another. Whilst in the midst of tranquility and boredom the couple find themselves detached from reality all together until a stranger (Jamie Bell) finds their way on the shores of the isolated island with the news of a virus that is rapidly spreading. And their only way to survive is to remain isolated from the world.
With the hope of maybe the odd Zombie or Walking Dead, I was sorely disappointed to find zero. Absolutely none. Instead i was left with a tedious and long winded film about a couple on the brink of divorce, constantly arguing and an irritating young man who eats like a slob.
The script was weak, and dull which resulted in me actually falling asleep for about 5 minutes until I woke myself up by falling off my hand to awake to find i had missed… not much. I can safely say no matter how tired I am when I attend a screening at a cinema, I have never fallen asleep in a film.
The filming technique matched the script, dull and lifeless. I have to admit that I hadn’t heard anything about Retreat before going to see it, which in some ways can be great and other times cannot. I walked in with no expectations of what this film might bring, and that in itself should have made it easy to have Retreat be a mediocre film. Unfortunately I was left feeling disappointed but ever so slightly refreshed after a good power nap in a warm and dark room.
The tag line is pure genius though. No Help. No Escape. I couldn’t Help but Escape this by sleeping.
The meaning of Retreat in terms of withdrawing from something that is difficult was spot on.
To spoil it for you, everyone dies at the end. Well worth watching it til the end to see Newton awkwardly lugging her dead husbands body in a wheelbarrow down to the dingy boat to then be sniped by a man in a helicopter. What a great way to end you 90 minute pain.
PopBucket Review Score 4

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